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* PMOY Debra Jo Fondren *
* NSS Model Veronika *
* Playboy Model Mandy Fisher *
* Playmate Donna Perry *
* Playmate Barbara Moore *
* Playmate Sharry Konopski *
* Playboy TV Hostess Kira Reed *
* Latina Model Candy Gisela

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Welcome to the Celeb-O-Rama Newsletter

We are happy to present exclusive pictures of your favorite glamour celebrities. We have had the privilege of working with some of the top Playboy Playmates, Penthouse Pets, actresses, TV personalities, and other celebrities. Follow our photographer from California to Jamaica. You will see pictures of your favorite Playmates, Pets, and others at conventions, private parties and public events. Seem them with their fans and posing exclusively for Celeb-O-Rama.

We take our camera to the center of erotic glamour, the Playboy Mansion West. Attend a party at the Mansion and see what really happens in the grotto! Stars, Playmates, TV hosts, and of course Hugh Hefner. Back at the Playboy Mansion during the day we get to see the estate in it's calm daytime demeanor. See the zoo, the grounds, and many playrooms and nooks for guests to use as the need arises.

We follow Playmates and Pets into their homes for private photo shoots. Watch them as they show off for you in the majestic boudoirs and mansions of Los Angeles and the resorts and tropical waterfalls of Jamaica. Once they get comforable, some of these models can get a little kinky, out come the handcuffs and leather. Speaking of fantasies, how about a Playmate/Pet cheerleader fight?

Celeb-O-Rama has lots to offer for all of you. We hope your favorites are already here and if not, we hope they will be soon. We continue to work with new celebrities from coast-to-coast. Expect some hot videos in the future and other steamy, sexy, celebrity opportunities!


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